The Qing Dynasty

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the dragon throne of the Chinese emperors

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Chronicle of the Chinese Emperors
by Ann Paludan

a reign by reign account of the history of Imperial China

China: A New History
by John King Fairbank

an excellent account of China and its people over four millennia by the foremost western authority on Chinese history

During the Ching Dynasty, China was a powerful empire - the greatest power in Asia. The culture was sophisticated and its people were creative and prosperous. Among its many contributions to civilization:

acupuncture    celestial clock     ephedrine    kites    paper    

movable type    playing cards    umbrella    gunpowder/firearms

block printing    paper money    advanced silk and porcelain production techniques

China was sophisticated as well in its philosophy, literature and art. By the mid 1700s China had printed more books than the rest of the world.

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