Mass Murder

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   Stalin - "the grave digger of the revolution" - Trotsky

propaganda poster depicting Josef Stalin with Vladimir Lenin in the background

From Sir Winston Churchill's Memoirs:

Sir Winston Churchill to Joseph Stalin:
"... Have the stresses of the war been as bad to you personally as carrying through the policy of the Collective Farms?"

"Oh, no, the Collective Farm policy was a terrible struggle... Ten million [he said, holding up his hands]. It was fearful. Four years it lasted. It was absolutely necessary..."

The precise number of victims is unknown. However, It is clear from the evidence that millions of men women and children of the Ukraine died needlessly. At the height of the famine the Soviet Union exported 1.7 million tons of grain to the west.  

The Ukraine Famine was mass murder on a huge scale - killings for the ideology of Stalinism.

In 1988 the United States Congress Commission on the Ukraine Famine concluded that Josef Stalin committed genocide against the Ukrainians in 1932-1933.


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