Nazi Youth

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"All girls join us"

"Youth serves the Fuhrer. All ten-year-olds join the Hitler Youth."

Hitler words about the young:

"A violently active, dominating, intrepid, brutal youth -- that is what I am after. Youth must be all those things. It must be indifferent to pain. There must be no weakness or tenderness in it. I want to see once more it its eyes the gleam of pride and independence of the beast of prey... I intend to have an athletic youth--that is the first and the chief thing... I will have no intellectual training. Knowledge is ruin to my young men." 

By 1939, about 90% of the "Aryan" children in Germany belonged to Nazi youth groups. A massive propaganda campaign was aimed at Germany's youth. The Nazis indoctrinated boys and girls in their duties to the state from a young age. They saw education as critical to the new Germany:

"National Socialist education is an education in the thinking of the German people, in understanding German traditions, in awakening the pure, uncorrupted and honest people's consciousness, their sense of belonging to the people. Only a pure member of the German race can have such an understanding of his people, crowning it with the willingness to sacrifice all for the people. . . .Race, military training, leadership, religion! These are the four unshakable foundations of the new German National Socialist education!"

The Educational Principles of the New Germany

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