The Totalitarian State

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For young men, service to the totalitarian state meant fighting the Fuhrer's wars, but for women service meant producing racially pure children for the Reich.

From a 1942 biology textbook the Nazis wrote for 5th grade girls: 

"The second law to which all life is subordinate is: Each life form strives to ensure the survival of its species. . . The species goes before the individual.  History provides us with enough examples to prove that mankind too is under this law. In the midst of their prosperity, the Romans lost the desire to have children. They sinned against the law of maintaining the species. Their state was undermined and overcome by foreign peoples in a short time. The ethnic traits of the Romans thus vanished. Our nation too once hung in the balance.  National Socialism restored to the German people the will to have children, and preserved our people from certain decline, which would have been inevitable under the law of species and the law of the greater number of offspring.   Here too we can recall the Führer's words:   Marriage too cannot be an end in itself, rather it must have the larger goal of increasing and maintaining the species and the race. That only is its meaning and its task. (Mein Kampf)   The goal of female education must be to prepare them for motherhood. ( Mein Kampf) "

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As part of the Nazi plan for the creation of a master race, "superior" women were paired with "superior" men to produce babies with "Aryan" features. In this photo women in this program show off their babies at a Lebensborn Center.

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