The Use of Radio as Propaganda

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Axis Sally

Lord Haw Haw

Propaganda was a powerful weapon when used to attack the morale of the enemy through leaflets and radio broadcasts. Axis Sally (Mildred Gellars) was one such broadcaster. She  was an American who went to Germany in 1934 and became a Nazi broadcaster. Her broadcasts were filled with anti-Semitic ravings. She also sent messages from American POWs to their families over the airwaves mixed with Nazi  propaganda.

Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce) lived in England before the war and was active in the British fascist movement. He sent broadcasts back to England to damage morale there. At the end of the war the British hanged him for treason.

And since other countries were doing the same thing, Germany warned its own citizens how to deal with enemy propaganda:

"Warning! Enemy Propaganda!  In modern warfare, weapons, the economy, physical resources and organization play a role. So too do spirit and soul. A new and sinister weapon is used against a nation's spiritual strength: Propaganda!"

Listening to enemy broadcasts was strictly forbidden. You may wish to view the full text of Warning, Enemy Propaganda.


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