Der Sturmer

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The most notorious of the Nazi anti-Semitic newspapers was Der Sturmer (The Attacker). It began in 1923 as a political paper, but as the Nazis gained in influence, the paper became more and more anti-Semitic. By the time Hitler took power in 1933, the paper was strongly anti-Semitic and was a very popular Nazi publication.

Der Sturmer Ritual Murder Issue
May 1, 1934

"For thousands of years the Yid has spilled
Man's blood, his sacred rites to build;
Upon our necks the fiend still sits,
It's up to you to see he flits.

It specialized in selling the idea that the Jews were the worst enemy of the Germans, with the slogan "Die Juden sind unser Ungluck" (The Jews are our misfortune). It was advertised with displays on the street which attracted a lot of attention.

Like other Nazi propaganda its style was simple and repetitive. One of its most popular features were the regular anti-Semitic cartoons of  Philip Rupprecht. Jews were portrayed with huge hooked noses, bulging eyes, large ears, swollen lips, unshaven beards, long hairy arms and hands, and short crooked legs. The dominant characteristics were swindling and sexual perversion.  

As the Jews disappeared from Germany, the circulation of the paper dropped, but it continued to publish until the end of the war. 


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