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Poster From the Nazi Anti-Semitic Hate Film, The Eternal Jew

"Wherever rats turn up, they spread annihilation throughout the land, destroying property and food supplies. This is how they disseminate disease. Pestilence, leprosy, typhus, cholera, dysentery. Just like the Jews among mankind, rats represent the very essence of malicious and subterranean destruction."

Frames from The Eternal Jew 
The film, The Eternal Jew, was created to justify the separation, exclusion, and ultimately the destruction, of the Jewish people. The narrator describes the Jews of Poland as filthy, sly and ugly and juxtaposes images of Jews with rats. The goal of propaganda is ultimately action. What does one do to rats? Exterminate them, of course. This was the unstated message of the hate film. 

"If one compares the directness and intensity of the effect that the various means of propaganda have on the great

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masses, film is without question the most powerful. The written and spoken word depend entirely on the content or on the emotional appeal of the speaker, but film uses pictures, pictures that for almost a decade have been accompanied by sound. We know that the impact of a message is greater if it is less abstract, more visual. That makes it clear why film, with its series of continually moving images, must have particular persuasive force." Fritz Hipler, Nazi filmmaker, creator of The Eternal Jew 1937


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