Minoan Pottery

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Minoan Pottery

Minoan pitcher Kamares style
Kamares style from Phaistos. 1800-1700 BC. Herakleion Museum


early Minoan pitcher
Early Minoan clay pitcher 2500 BC

Early Minoan period ceramics were characterised by curvilinear abstract and geometric patterns patterns of spirals, triangles, curved lines, crosses, etc. In the Middle Minoan period naturalistic designs such as fish, octopi, birds, and lilies were common.

Minoan Amphora, marine style, 1500-1400 BC

Minoan ewer
Minoan Ewer, palace style, 1500-1400 BC
In the Late Minoan period, flowers and animals were still the most common design, but there was greater variety. The Palace Style of the area around Knossos was characterized by a geometrization of naturalistic shapes. This style introduced a toned-down style of vase painting with designs of mainly black and white. An artist occasionally used colors of yellow or red, but only sparingly. The elaborate design of the Marine style is a high point of Minoan pottery. This style continued with late Minoan pottery.
detail from Harvester Vase
harvester vase
the Harvester Vase - a stone vessel showing the harvest - from Hagia Triada. Crete.c.1550-1500 BC. Steatite

minoan vessel marine style
Marine Style Late Minoan

Marine Style Vase
Marine Style Late Minoan 1400 BC - papyrus in relief


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