Forced March

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Eyewitness Account

forced march

forced march

"I don't remember much of what had happen but here are bits and pieces. (1976) I remember my father coming home one even and telling us that we needed to leave our home and flee toward Thailand. Then I had four brother, a baby brother, and two eldest sisters. We packed up as quickly as we could and headed toward Thai border. After running with my father for hours we heard gun fire, it was the khmer rouge. They were shooting as us and the other families that was fleeing. We all panic and I my mom grab me and the baby and started running. After a while we had lost my father, brothers and sisters. I remembered being really scared. I was probably 6 yrs old. Suddenly my mom was shaking my baby brother and she put him down on the grass and went to hide in the bushes because there was still gun fire. What I didn't know was my little brother was shot in the head when we were running. I don't remember how long we were hiding but we walked for a very long time."

Mao Hiet


Part of The Cambodian Genocide exhibit