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America's Women
by Gail Collins

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new bestseller - a well-written and well-researched history of women in American history

The Face of Our Past: Images of Black Women from Colonial America to the Present
by Kathleen Thompson


a powerful book of photographs of black women - "it puts a face on the most faceless Americans, black women, and in so doing gives honor to the universal human values those faces reflect." - Maya Angelou

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Women's History

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What Every American Should Know About Women's History
by Christine Lunardini


a very readable account of 200 important events in women's history - supported by strong scholarship

Pandora's Daughters: The Role and Status of Women in Greek and Roman Antiquity
by Eva Cantarella


the real and perhaps surprising

truth about women in the ancient world

 Woman in the Nineteenth Century
by Margaret Fuller 1997


an authoritative text, contextual and source materials, and a wide range of interpretations-from contemporary perspectives to the most current critical theory

The Feminine Mystique
by Betty Friedan


A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
by Mary Wollstonencraft


the classic work on women's rights from the eighteenth century