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Recommended Books on Ancient Greece
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 coverThe Mycenaean World
by John Chadwick

The deciphermnent of Linear B in 1952 revealed the Mycenaeans. Chadwick, one of those involved in the decipherment, tells us what we have learned about this people in the years since.

The Way and the Word:
Science and Medicine in Early China and Greece

by Geoffrey Lloyd, Nathan Sivin

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a fascinating look at the origins of modern medicine

coverThe Oxford Illustrated History of Greece and the Hellenistic World
ed. by John Boardman, Oswyn Murray, & Jaspar Griffin

political and social history as well as philosophy and the arts, including Homer, Greek myth, Aristotle and Plato, Greek dramatists


Other Featured Books

coverThe Peloponnesian War
by Donald Kagan

The foremost authority on the Peloponnesian War tells the story of the 30 year war between Sparta and Athens, relying on the history of Thucydides - a great book for those who love history but do not want to wade through a scholarly account

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coverThe Spartans
by Paul Cartledge

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A fascinating book on the culture and people of the warrior city-state of Ancient Greece. The Spartans' unique civilization was based on war - to such an extent that children were taken from their mothers at a very young age and raised as soldiers in barracks.

coverMinotaur: Sir Arthur Evans and the Archaeology of the Minoan Myth by Joseph Alexander Macgillivray

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Evans, a nonconforming, brilliant, and arrogant archeologist of the late 19th century, made the amazing discovery of the Minoan civilization on Crete. Macgillivray focuses on both the man and the discovery in this revealing book.

For more on Arthur Evans visit Arthur Evans HistoryMaker. For more on the Minoan Civilization visit The Children of Minos, a HistoryWiz exhibit

coverCourtesans and Fishcakes:
The Consuming Passions of Classical Athens

by James Davidson

the human side of those amazing Athenians - a rich and detailed picture of what life was like in Athens
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coverAthens: A Portrait of the City in its Golden Age
by Christian Meier and Robert Kimber

Athens during its Golden Age gave birth to Western traditions of democracy, philosophy, natural science, and literary and fine arts. This book offers a comprehensive study of this great moment in history.
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Myths of the Greeks and Romans
by Michael Grant


in this detailed, rather scholarly book, Michael Grant not only summarizes the myths but shows their powerful effect on later western culture

Prisoner of History: Aspasia of Miletus and Her Biographical Tradition by Madeieline Mary Henry

coverThe most famous woman of Ancient Athens, Aspasia, the courtesan who became the influential partner of the most powerful man in Greece, Pericles - a fascinating and powerful woman in a society where women did not participate in public life.


The Greeks: The Crucible of Civilization


a wonderful series on the Ancient Greeks produced by PBS



The Cambridge Illustrated history of Ancient Greece
by Paul Cartledge


a great illustrated history

The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece
by Robert Morkot


a useful companion to reading about Greek history

   Linear B and Related Scripts (Reading the Past)
by John Chadwick


History of the Peloponnesian War
by Thucydides - the classic


 Herodotus: The Histories
the classic


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