Revolt in Paris

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Jacques Necker
Jacques Necker, Finance Minister

The Revolution, set in motion by the nobility, and truly started by the bourgeoisie, now spread to the common people. 

Conditions were poor in Paris for the common people. The price of bread was high and supplies short due to harvest failures. Rumors spread that the King and Queen were responsible for the shortages. Then French troops marched to the capital. Rumors spread quickly among the already restless mobs that the King was intending to use them against the people. The dismissal on July 12, 1789 of the Finance Minister Necker, who was popular with the Third Estate, ignited the spark. 

On teh 13th deputies of the third estate formed a committee to run the state and a militia to keep order. Mobs roamed in search of weapons. Although some muskets were found when they broke into a public hospital for wounded soldiers, there was no ammunition. The ammunition was stored in the Bastille. 

The Declaration of the Rights of Man

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The French Revolution

The French Revolution Primary Sources

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